Healthcare Support Services

Streamline your revenue cycle effectively with our full-fledged healthcare services
Healthcare Support ServicesHealthcare Support Services

For healthcare providers to offer services efficiently, the need to have successful processes and policies is vital. Whether you’re a multi-specialty hospital or an individual/group of practitioners, having a healthy revenue cycle enables you to focus on providing excellent treatment and care for your patients without worrying about your financial processes.

KGiS offers a set of end-to-end healthcare services for providers to effectively restructure and manage the administrative and clinical functions of their revenue cycles. We streamline the entire process from scheduling an appointment to verifying eligibility for insurance, and from processing the claims to facilitating payments to generating revenues. KGiS brings in more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry to deliver a proactive Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services ensuring healthcare organizations operate better.

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, PCI-DSS Compliant

  • Streamlined operations based on process engineering

  • 24/7 Support

  • Improves patient care

  • Staff with excellent credentials

Patient Pre-visitPatient Post Visit
Pre-authorizationClaims Filing
Referral VerificationPayment Posting
Patient RegistrationCharge Entry & Audit
Eligibility VerificationMedical Coding & Audit
Appointment SchedulingA/R & Denial Management

Our Healthcare Services

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

A multi-channel answering service for scheduling appointments aligned with the availability of doctors, locations, and diagnoses.
Healthcare Insurance Verification - KG Invicta Services

Insurance Verification

An in-depth insurance eligibility verification service that facilitates pre-authorization for crucial medical services.
Medical Coding and Billing KG Invicta Services

Medical Coding & Billing

A set of accurate and efficient medical coding and billing services that ensures accurate terminology-to-code transitions and timely billing.
KG Invicta Services Accounts Receivables

Accounts Receivables

A financial service based on a robust Accounts Receivables Management Framework that helps healthcare providers appeal, manage, and collect revenue.
Patient Engagement

Patient Surveys

A set of responsive services for patient counseling survey based on our customized framework: KGiS Patient Engagement Program.
Clinical documentation review

Clinical Documentation Improvement

A set of professional services involving examination and review of the medical records and ensuring their accuracy and completeness.
Accounts Payable Processing

Accounts Payable

A set of accurate accounts payable services that help healthcare providers ensure their debt is properly managed and their dues are paid at the right time without delays.
Healthcare Finance Consulting Services

Healthcare Finance Consulting

Professional consulting services to help healthcare providers manage the key areas of their financial health including income generation, and managing internal expenses, among others.
Healthcare Audit

Audit Services

A systematic assessment of how well a healthcare provider is performing. Several factors are audited including the quality of care, hospital policies, revenue cycle management, etc.

Delivering Incremental Business Value

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Solutions

Easy integration with any billing software

Certified coders deployed on requirements

Expedite A/R and maximize cash flow

24hrs turn-around time

Adhered to strict quality control standards

Generation of daily, weekly, and monthly reports


Brands Trust Us

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Healthcare Support Services

US optometry and vision care company effectively completes verification of 95% of insurances before appointment and shortens time taken to submit claims

Healthcare Support Services

KGiS uses business process improvement capability to setup and effectively manage clearing house for a leading biometric testing and wellness company

Healthcare Support Services

Health screenings and wellness company reduces denials, realizes 84% of unpaid claims using KGiS’s RCM and analytics solutions

Healthcare Support Services

KGiS enables US physician practice setup and effectively manage centralized appointment scheduling operations

Healthcare Support Services

KGiS streamlines appointment scheduling for American dermatology practice using IVR and web based call tracking software

Healthcare Support Services

KGiS improves payment cycle and the AP process for American assisted living and long term care facilities

We help you uncover the full potential of your operational efficiency.

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