Mortgage Back Office

Making tedious mortgage operations seamless and efficient
Mortgage Back OfficeMortgage Back Office
More often than not, the dynamic nature of the mortgage industry makes the lending firms susceptible to operational tribulations in managing their processes. Mortgage back-office services from KGiS are a holistic set of offshore services that help licensed lending organizations alleviate the workload pressure and seamlessly execute their mortgage operations.
Our services cover the most essential back-office mortgage operations. We assist the mortgage firms in collecting and verifying the applicants’ documents.
We ensure their credentials comply with the regulations of FHFA. We leverage the power of tools such as Encompass 360, Filogix, and Zoho CRM to efficiently manage our clients’ work.
We also extend our service to facilitating property appraisals, auditing, and reporting. Since the mortgage is a highly-regulated market, even a single error in the processes can cause potential deals to fall through. KGiS help mortgage firms with each stage in the loan process, ensuring all the boxes are checked and making it seamless for them to realize their vision.

1M mortgage transactions supported across the value chain

99% Quality achievement via robust tools and advanced analytics

30% Cost savings in internal and domestic operations

100% Technology agnostic—we work with major LOS platforms



The first and most important stage in the mortgage loan process. We facilitate lender-applicant communications, collect information such as proof of income, details of existing debts, and other financial data, and perform investigations on your behalf.

Loan Application

Based on pre-approval, we assist in preparing the residential loan application of the borrowers. We ensure all the records—personal documents, income documents, and property documents are produced. We also facilitate appraisal of properties—from scheduling appointments with appraisers to payment support, among others.

Loan Processing

Approval of mortgage takes thorough verification of documents. KGiS offers services that cover various back-office processes including data entry and validation, following up with the clients, and reminding compliance, among others. We also assist loan officers in scrutinizing the applications and helping them make the right decisions.


Our back-office services help mortgage firms to evaluate the risks in offering mortgage loans to an applicant under certain parameters. Underwriters take the final decision in approving or declining a loan. We help underwriters assess the capability of the borrower. We also analyze various aspects of the loan and give regarding the risks involved.

Mortgage Closing

Our mortgage back-office services ensure a smooth closing, benefiting the lender and the borrower. We help with closing documents concerning title insurance, mortgage duration, loan amortization, and a closing statement.


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Mortgage Back Office

US Mortgage Broking company drives loan processing efficiency by 15% and improves revenues armed with KGiSL back-office

Mortgage Back Office

Health screenings and wellness company reduces denials, realizes 84% of unpaid claims using KGiS’s RCM and analytics solutions

Mortgage Back Office

KGiS improves payment cycle and the AP process for American assisted living and long term care facilities

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